The future is not to be forecast, but created. What we do today will decide the shape of things tomorrow. Especially the way we perceive the challenges that await us, and the vision we develop for coping with them for the new thinking and acting this calls for.

                                                                                           Sir Arthur C. Clarke 

World Wisdom Alliance


To effectively address our growing, global/local environmental and societal challenges and opportunities with new thinking and actions in sufficient time to adapt to rapidly changing world circumstances.


A new global network aimed at actively addressing our shared societal challenges and opportunities by linking and connecting like-minded groups and individuals worldwide through effective communication, dialogue and collaborative action.


  • The World Wisdom Alliance (WWA) will be launched in Toronto on July 26 – 28, 2006, following the World Wisdom Council meeting. 
  • The core WWA communication network will be a web portal which creates a member on-line community.
  • The main Communication Centre will be established in Toronto, Canada. 

Member Benefits

  • Connect with like-minded organizations and individuals worldwide.    
  • List Member events, activities, contact details and other relevant information on the WWA web portal.  
  • Access new members, supporters, partners and resources.
  • Distribute content and information on-line to WWA members and the public.
  • Develop new relationships including joint projects, collaborations and campaigns.
  • Enhance and empower the efforts of Member organizations through the new on-line community.  
  • Joint projects, events & campaigns will be coordinated by the WWA for Member and public participation.

Member Responsibilities

  • Endorse the WWA “Vision and Values Statement”.
  • Provide mutual web-links with the WWA web portal.  
  • Communicate and share information on Member's mission, projects, events, research, etc. with all WWA Members via the on-line community.
  • Contribute content, as applicable, on an on-going basis to the community.     
  • Appoint one individual from each organizational Member to communicate within the WWA.
  • Make applicable Membership contribution annually.  

Membership Categories (in alphabetical order)

  • Community Groups & Communities of Interest
  • Companies & Corporations
  • Individuals
  • Local/Regional Governments & Agencies 
  • Non-Profit Organizations
  • Religious and Service Organizations 
  • Schools and Educational Institutions