About WWC

"Our future evolution will not be decided by the survival of the strongest but by the survival of the wisest."

-Dr. Jonas Salk

World Wisdom Council

Dedicated to the advancement and application of Wisdom in the World 

The World Wisdom Council was convened in 2004 in the conviction that the main requirement in this age of discontinuity and transformation is to recognize that, through the development of a new global level of consciousness, the world can be constructively changed by individuals wherever they live and whatever their interests and background.

The Council's task is to build on the power and creativity innate in all people by:

1. Bringing widely to the attention of the public both the dangers and opportunities inherent in the human condition in its global dimension;

2. Identifying priority areas where individual and cooperative action is needed in order to reinforce progress toward peace and sustainability, globally as well as locally;

3. Offering guidance for developing the individual and collective wisdom that empowers action capable of bringing about constructive change in our economic, social, and ecological environment.

The Council realizes that there is already a growing range of initiatives aligned with this mission. In consequence, it is taking as one of its highest priorities the formation of networks, partnerships, and collaborations in the interest of mobilizing the forces required for the constructive transformation of humanity on a global scale.

The World Wisdom Council is politically, socially, and culturally non-partisan, championing the joint interest of all humans and all life on this planet; informing people so that they can move towards a world where we can live in peace with each other and in harmony with nature.

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