Who We Are

David Woolfson, President

Email: dwoolfson@clubofbudapest.ca

David Woolfson is a business lawyer in private legal practice in Toronto, Canada. He is also a global activist focusing on the societal challenges and opportunities before us today.

Delila Andison, Director

Email: dandison@clubofbudapest.ca

Delila Joan Andison has held executive and management positions in government, in the private sector, and in public service.

Kimberly Curry, Director

Kimberly Curry has the unique combination of creative talent and business acumen.

Lynn Holden, Project Designer

Lynn Holden is a HyperMedia Designer and Developer, Cultural Historian and founder of the FiatLUX New Media Studios in Toronto, Canada.

Martin Robertson, Communications Strategist

Martin Robertson has forty years of credits as an award winning TV and festival event producer.

Rob Harvie, Project Designer

Rob Harvie is an Information Visualization Consultant with the University of Toronto's Centre for Academic Technology.

Eric McLuhan, Advisor

Eric McLuhan is an internationally-known lecturer on communication and media.