Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Club of Budapest?

The Club of Budapest International (CoB) was founded in 1993 by world-renowned scientist and philosopher Dr. Ervin Laszlo in response to the crucial need for widespread individual and societal change to address our growing global challenges.

The Club of Budapest Canada is a non-profit organization with the broad mission of educating the public on enviromental and societal issues that affect us all; and generating local, national and international projects to address them. The CoB Canada is one of 20 national clubs associated with The Club of Budapest International.

What is the World Wisdom Council?

In 2004, the CoB International and partner organizations inaugurated the World Wisdom Council (WWC), a global 'think/action' tank providing leadership towards a sustainable and peaceful future. The WWC met recently in Tokyo, Japan and Arosa, Switzerland and will meet next in Toronto, Canada in July.

What is the World Wisdom Alliance?

The World Wisdom Alliance, being launched is a new global network aimed at addressing our shared, societal challenges and opportunities - both global and local. This will be achieved by linking, connecting and uniting like-minded organizations and individuals worldwide through communication and collaboration via a unique, 'on-line community' now being built.

Why should my organization participate?

This special gathering in Toronto in July present a unique opportunity for future-focused organizations and individuals to provide leadership towards a positive future. It is an essential undertaking at this time in our collective history.

We are bringing together the people, ideas and actions to make a difference to the future on a global scale and welcome your partnership in this shared endeavour. Please join us!