A Special Invitation From Kosmos Journal


Dear Friends,

Over the last few years several groups have approached us to help found a global network to build planetary community. At last, Kosmos is supporting an inclusive initiative that holds the potential for creating the kind of community and new civilization that an interdependent and decentralized world needs. The World Wisdom Alliance is based on the need for every citizen to be empowered for the greater good.

The idea was generated by the Creating the New Civilization initiative founded in Tokyo in November 2005 and endorsed by the World Wisdom Council, with Kosmos as a founding partner. It was recognized then that the key to the new civilization is building powerful and sustainable networks and co-creative partnerships worldwide which draw us together for common cause.

I believe we now have an unprecedented opportunity to fulfill this urgent need through the power of the Internet to co-create a critical mass of awakened citizens to ignite the emerging integral consciousness on a planetary scale.

Please join us at this important event as a founding member. You will meet several others from the Kosmos community with a planetary vision.  We need all of your ideas and skills as we co-create together the World Wisdom Alliance.

Hoping to meet you in Toronto,

Nancy Roof, Editor & Publisher

Kosmos Journal